Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I'll be your lean-to.

I'll be your lean-to.
I'll be your shelter your until the storms pass.
I'll be your sight when you've lost your vision.
I'll believe in you when you cease to believe in yourself.
Until you the taste of life wets your lips,
Until the growing inside you sprouts new buds
Until the strength comes back to stand tall on your own.
You can lean on me
I'll hold the space
I'll be your lean-to


rachel awes said...

oh yes, how we need each other!...beautiful as always. xo

Anonymous said...

I just love your thoughtful sentiments! it truly embraces what my marriage is to me...a support system that never wavers! I think i'll copy this into my personal journal, if that's alright...with your name on it! of course!

ciao and thanks for sharing


chrissy said...

that is beautifully written. are those your own words? lovely photo as well.
happy day.