Saturday, February 6, 2010

What i know for sure

I woke up this morning smiling in spite of myself about all the things I thought i knew for sure...but didn't. Like this job, we haven't heard anything at this point so..its not very likely that it is his.
But yesterday i bought myself a piece of "the ultimate vanilla white cake" from Wegmans. I took my first bite and was instantly transported to my mom-moms kitchen.
We LOVED mom-moms vanilla cake, especially the icing; light, creamy, no other. As i savored each yummy morsel i felt like home, loved, cherished adored. I know for sure in my grandmothers kitchen i was precious. I know for sure that mom-moms vanilla white cake was the the true "ultimate" because that delightful concoction was infused with her ultimate love.
This i do know for sure.

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Anonymous said...

i just posted my art journal page about butterflies...and your avatar has a hand with one on it...i thought I'd pop by and see you!

come see me too sometime...