Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Simple Gift

This morning I received a package from a dear old friend...we've created this lovely ritual of sending boxes filled with delightful little thoughts and gifts chosen carefully to bring a smile or a nod we send them at random for no specific reason. When a box arrives I savor the thought of opening it until I have a moment to relish each treasure with a cup of tea or glass of wine. The anticipation is as joyful as the opening itself. It is the honoring of a friendship, the time and tenderness of the packaging, the surprise and caring, not specifically the content, that I love (although the contents are truly wonderful!!) Receiving this box out of the blue, not for my birthday, not out of obligation, with no strings attached, validates me, whispers "you are loved", celebrates me. Oh what a gift...what a priceless gift.

(I'd love to share some photos but am struggling to post...when I click on the add image icon nothing happens. Any suggestions?)


daisies said...

how wonderful ~ packages for no reason, just because are so the best : )

i don't really know blogger but i do know that if you post your photos on flickr, you can easily insert the code onto your post so the photos show up here but are hosted on flickr ( and there is a free version of flickr :) and flickr is awesome ...

Wanda said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate friendship ~ I was touched! How special to have a friend like that.

musemother said...

with the new blogger version I just go to the layout page, then pick photo, and it guides you through it - I think it asks you to browse your computer and you find the photo you want and click on it.
my email: if you still want the book, write to me with your address.
ps love the story of the box, gift, and friendship

Wanda said...

I miss you! I check your blog everyday....are you ok?
Love and Hugs

Anonymous said...

OOOOHH what a fantastic idea! I have a wonderful friend who lives across the country and I'm sending her to your blog - maybe we can start the same tradition??

Oh, and definitely go to Flickr. I love my Flickr account and it's FREE!

LC (lucky candice)