Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Answers please?

How should I address the constant gnawing in my chest, the dull ache that forces the breath to be a little more deliberate? Do I go for the old "pull up your bootstraps" and get out there and do something approach? Do I sit with the discomfort acknowledging it, feeling, recognizing it? Do I sing it? Walk it? Cry it ....? Oh another thing, is there a time limit? A day or two? A week? Weeks? A Month?I just want to know....something. I'm empty, but not really. I don't want to be this way...but do I? I just want to be who I am...I think. "It is all temporary" "one thing you can count on is change"
but when?

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RNW said...

As a new, new blogger (can I call myself a "blogger" after only a handful of posts?) and one who is terribly critical of my own writing (I SUCK!), I am starting to feel the tiniest bit of release and relief in writing in my blog. For now I am keeping it very anonymous so that anyone I know who might happen upon it would not know it is me. Somehow putting my thoughts on (virtual) paper and then sending them "out there" feels rather freeing, like I'm not keeping it all crammed inside myself, even if no one else ever reads what I have written. So, with all that said, maybe you SHOULD be documenting this - for yourself. Perhaps there could be some comfort for you in sharing your thoughts, your discomfort, your ache with others? When I have experienced times, in real life, where I have shared something difficult with another or learned that someone else had the same or a similar experience/feeling/worry, I have had a sense of "Ohthankgoodness. I'm not the only one." Just that not-aloneness has been reassuring even if doesn't change my own situation.